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Professional Control System for Solar Tracking SunTracking is a Professional Control System formed by a Controller (PLC) programmed to perform the Solar Tracking .

Controls the movements of frameworks supporting solar panels for the tracking of the Sun.

SunTracking is developed in the programming standard IEC-61131-3.
Increasing power efficiency up to 40% Usage of solar tracking increases up to 40% in the output performance of solar energy that is seized by the solar panels.

SunTracking maintains a perfect perpendicularity with the Sun rays during the whole day.

365 days a year, anywhere on the Earth
Controlling the Motors of Any Movable Framework of Solar Tracking SunTracking can control any movable framework composed by one or two axes, supporting solar panels with hydraulic or electric motors.

Easily adaptable by the user to the sun tracking framework.  
Local and Remote Operation via Internet SunTracking can be locally configured and operated by means of a Touch Screen of Operation (HMI) and remotely via Internet.

Provided with easy and intuitive configuration and operation menus.  

Operations can be performed in user mode or maintenance mode.  
An Experience and Control with no Limits Currently, SunTracking is operating in more than 600 solar trackers located in 30 large installations of solar power output in Spain.

SunTracking can control an unlimited number of solar trackers in the same photovoltaic plant.
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